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In criminal theft defense cases we investigate every option and make sure that you receive fair treatment. Get in touch so we can be on your side.


In general, thefts in Maine are classified as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the dollar value of what is alleged to have been stolen. Thefts of $500 or less are charged as Class E Misdemeanors. Less than $1,000 is charged as a Class D Misdemeanor. More than $1,000 in stolen property results in a felony charge.


- 3rd Offense: treated as a felony, may require jail time
- Prior misdemeanor convictions can be considered and constitute more severe felony penalties


It doesn’t always add up.

Many crimes are considered cumulative, which means that if you have prior convictions your penalty for a 1st Offense in theft could be more severe. Because this isn’t always fair, we make it our job as criminal defense lawyers to explore every option and tell our clients’ stories so that the severity of the law is mitigated by individual circumstances before handing down consequences.