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Misdemeanor and felony convictions can result in penalties ranging in severity. For fair treatment, and aggressive legal representation, get an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.


What can you be charged with?

In Maine and elsewhere, you can be charged with different types of crimes, misdemeanors and felonies, and both carry with them differing levels of severity. Generally speaking, most convictions do not result in the defendant receiving maximum penalties. This is especially the case when you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the law and your rights, understands the system, and is committed to providing you with the best defense possible when you face the judge and prosecutor.


Standard Penalties

  • Class A Felonies: up to 30 years in prison; $50,000 in fines

  • Class B Felonies: up to 10 years in prison; $20,000 in fines

  • Class C Felonies: up to 5 years in prison; $5,000 in fines

  • Class D Misdemeanors: up to 1 year in jail; $2,000 in fines

  • Class E Misdemeanors: up to 6 months in jail; $1,000 in fines

In Addition

While all convictions have penalties, if you are convicted of a felony you may be restricted from any or all of the following:

  • Voting (decided state-by-state; in Maine, you may vote)

  • Owning, using, or possessing a firearm (If you are convicted, you will unconditionally lose this right)

  • Hunting privileges for life

  • Entry to Canada and traveling internationally

  • Getting a job, being accepted to college, and being granted financial aid

  • Entering the Armed Forces


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