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Whether you’ve been served with a restraining / protection order or need one issued, Handelman & Mason is here to navigate a complex legal system and ensure fair treatment. Contact today to ensure you’re in good hands.


In Maine, there are two types of orders people can seek for protection from an individual: protection from abuse (PFA) and protection from harassment (PFH). These can both be obtained by filing a complaint at the courthouse that describes allegations of the abuse or harassment. The court then sets a hearing where it will make a final determination of whether a one or two year order should be put into place.

Are you looking to get a protection order?

Any time you interact with the court, you are likely facing a confusing world of new terms and rules. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we can help you determine if you are eligible to get a temporary protection order, assist you in filing it, and go to court with you on the day of the hearing.

Have you been served with a protection order?

Protection orders in Maine are serious matters and can lead to severe consequences. If you have a protection order against you, you can lose your right to use and possess firearms and your ability to communicate with family members, and violations of the order can lead to criminal charges. We can represent you throughout the process and work to make sure you’re treated as fairly as possible.