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Having experienced criminal defense attorneys on your side is the first step to protecting yourself from drug charges. Let us be the ones in your corner.


Many drug crimes, including Illegal Possession of Scheduled Drugs, Illegal Furnishing of Scheduled Drugs, and Illegal Trafficking in Scheduled Drugs, are charged as felonies and prosecuted by lawyers from the Maine Attorney General’s office instead of county District Attorneys.


Standard Penalties

- Mandatory 4 years in prison for Class A drug crimes
- Fines and civil penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia
- Lasting impact on things like college and financial aid applications

In Addition

If your case is found to have aggravating factors, like using a weapon, having sold or furnished within a Safe Zone, or having sold or furnished to minors, the class of the crime you’re charged with as well as the penalties associated with it can be elevated.

The playing field isn’t even.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency is well-funded and has the necessary techniques, reach, and equipment to carry out extended investigations and prosecutions of drug crimes. This means you could face a the full strength of the State’s resources against you. Having an experienced defense attorney advocating for you can help level that playing field so the outcome can be fair to you.